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Jade grew up with crumbling castles on her doorstep in the cheshire countryside. Since her first trips to Pompeii & Herculaneum Jade has been in love with ancient ruins. She visits them as often as she can, whether chasing the sunshine through Greek islands & unknown Spanish cities or closer to home visiting family in Chester. 

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envoking the esoteric shapes of stepped pyramids and ziggurats 

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Ostracon; Shard (or Sherd)

Resin & silver earrings

Fragments of pottery are a tantalising clue of what it might have been. Ostracons were the broken pieces people used for writing on. In Classical Athens, citizens would use them cast their vote to banish a member of their society to be exiled for ten years. This gave the term ostracism

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metal detecting unearths everything lost & buried over the centuries. Ranging from modern dross to ancient treasure, you never know what you will be find when you start digging into the earth. This ring is made from an antique gold ring, Roman coin, brass washer and red glass gem.



Bespoke vessel inspired by Pompeii and ancient jewellery boxes. The lid has a recess for the ring made with Viking Sunstone-a mineral with double refractive properties used as an ancient navigation device.