Orange you glad you stayed after hours?

So when I'm not in the studio I will probably be doing something like mummifying an orange "After Hours" at Manchester Museum. In case you fancied having a go yourself here's how...

choose your deceased Ancient  Egyptian

choose your deceased Ancient  Egyptian

orange after hours manchester museum.JPG
after hours manchester museum amulet text info.JPG
after hours manchester museum hieroglyphs alphabet.JPG
after hours ancient egyptian hyrogliphs manchester museum.JPG
after hours step 2 manchester museum mummifying orange meet your mummy.JPG
giving my "Ancient Egyptian" orange a bit of character

giving my "Ancient Egyptian" orange a bit of character

after hours manchester museum step 3 mumifying orange.JPG
after hours manchestre museum mummification natron orange.JPG
after hours manchester museum step 4 mummifying orange dessication.JPG
after hours manchester museum annointed orange.JPG
after hours mummifying orange manchester museum removing innards.JPG
after hours manchester museum step 5 mummifying orange wrapping protecting.JPG
jade mellor mummifying orange.JPG
after hours mummified orange manchester museum.JPG

If you're interested in Ancient Egypt and free events at the Museum on Wednesday 1st May 1.15-2pm  their collection bites features The kneeling statue of the Admiral Hor. A bit of lunchtime learnin' this is when you can hear about an object in depth from one of the museum's experts, see it up close and sometimes even handle them! Campbell Price, Curator of Egypt and the Sudan at the Museum, will discuss Hor’s role and the meanings of his temple statue. Details here