Collaboration! Summer Selection with Natalie Stoker

Happy International Collaboration Day! Here's a photo-shoot of some choice objects for the summer season. It's to celebrate my recent collaboration with talented textiles designer Natalie Stoker. Check out her gorgeous designs in her shop here.


jade mellor blue background still life sunglasses mermaid hair cushion necklaces white bangle ring.JPG

One-of-a-kind necklaces made from natural volcanic pebbles and antique cut glass embellishments. Swimsuit not compulsory, I'd suggest thrown over a plain white shirt where it will give a bit of beachy texture to the stuffy city commute. Keep your eyes on the SHOP for when they arrive.

A polished pairing of a hand sculpted bangle and ring in metallic flecked white resin will show off even a subtle summer glow. Finish off with your fave shades and a lick of ice-cream. (I recommend Ginger's Comfort Emporium's "White Chocolate and Pink Peppercorn"...).

The print for these scrumptiously soft cushions has been created by Natalie using photographs taken in my studio of the processes during making my objects. You can read more about the inspiration behind this collab in the new shop here.

Happy Collaboration Day! Hope you all get to spend it working on something fun with friends and family, (even if it's as simple as peeling the spuds for a nice meal together).

"Let's collaborate... You bring the G...I'll bring the T!" Wahoooo :)