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You can now find my work in Modern Art Oxford! 

Founded in 1965, Modern Art Oxford is a visual art gallery devoted to presenting exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. With financial and creative backing by Arts Council England their fantastically high quality community programmes and exhibitions have earned them a national and international reputation-with events and exhibitions free and open to the public!

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It is also the last few days of the current Hans Josephsohn exhibition. This major presentation is the first U.K public show of the late Swiss sculptor.


'I have spent sixty years, day after day working away calmly in my studio. I have simply followed my imagination… all the crises, the human ones that occur in life, and all the possible adventures and all the paths through the woods where you don’t know how you will get out again, they have all taken place in my studio. Hans Josephsohn


"Josephson’s powerful and imposing bronze reclining nudes, ‘semi-figures’ and abstract relief panels reveal a sensitive and dedicated examination of figure, form and plane.

This extensive exhibition includes many works seen in the UK for the first time and focuses on works created in the last 25 years of his life.

Josephsohn employed plaster and lost-wax bronze casting to create a body of sculptural forms that emerge through his careful and intuitive manipulation of materials. 

Sharing affinities with the work of modernists such as Alberto Giacometti, the sculptures are also reminiscent of Medieval friezes, ancient Egyptian art and the totemic sculpture of the Easter Island Moai figures."

From Modern Art Oxford webite

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