NEW BROOCHES: Book Opportunity

Nicolas Estrada  Brooch:  To Be or Not to Be , 2014 Silver, rose quartz, citrine, steel 5.5 x 5.5 x 1.8 cm Photo by: Manuel Ocaña © By the author. Read Copyright .

Nicolas Estrada
Brooch: To Be or Not to Be, 2014
Silver, rose quartz, citrine, steel
5.5 x 5.5 x 1.8 cm
Photo by: Manuel Ocaña
© By the author. Read Copyright.

If you haven't heard already, there is a fantastic opportunity to be in Nicolas Estrada's upcoming book NEW BROOCHES!

The Barcelona jewellery aficionado is well known for his excellentpublications celebrating contemporary jewellery. Always a feast for the eyes and inspiring for the mind.

Time is running out as the closing date is 30th April, so calling all jewellers - apply HERE!

Delicious Jewels

Easter Feast!  I love big family get-togethers and Easter bank holiday is usually a lively weekend enjoying home cooked food complete with delicious veggies.


The luxury begins with  the colourful variety, choosing beautiful stripy tomatoes or even the  occasional home-grown courgette complete with foraged edible flowers.


My family are great at cooking tasty treats, but I also really appreciate the care in how they present them. As makers they get  busy creating things both in and out of the kitchen, soldering a  delicate metal cake topper as the crowning glory to sit upon another family member's luxurious, home-made chocolate cake.



Another might have made a special journey to snaffle the best game pie, or produce some vintage linens they had squirrelled away for such a celebration. This time and care in presenting and enjoying the food makes sharing the day together even more special, showing everybody how appreciated they are. Whether it's for their baking skills or corny jokes, everyone has something to offer.

If you know any corny jokes, I'm all ears.

The scrumptious  images in this post are of Hemmerle's Delicious Jewels. This amazing vegetable collection made by these  talented craftsmen  was created in 2011  to celebrate a new chapter in their history. The book  they produced featured these gorgeous works of art in combination with the delicious recipes of Tamsin Day-Lewis. It really is a sumptuous read, a feast for the eyes and belly.

Jewellery making and food at the top level are not dissimilar, both rely on technique, long experience and tradition, purism and originality without pretentiousness, elegant simplicity at best, both are beautiful to the eye and a joy to the senses.

Tamasin Day-Lewis
Food Writer and Author

Roasted artichoke!

Roasted artichoke!

The Hemmerle history is incredibly  impressive, beginning in Munich with the medals and orders made for the Bavarian Royal Family. When they began by taking over an established Goldsmith's at the turn of the 20th Century they brought their unique combination of  refined craftsmanship and  a more challenging and artistic approach to materials. Their  forward thinking, whilst utilising amazing technical skills of a fine jewellers has carried through to the present day. Finding links to modern life they make unique works of art where creating the most beautiful object is more important than the quantity of jewels used.

cabage jewellery.png

"We felt that the cabbage did not
invariably need a pavé setting to come to
life. The crafsmanship of themetal was
sufficient." Hemmerle Jewellers


The collection highlights nature’s artistry, both vegetal and mineral, turning the mundane into the magnificent.

I hope you enjoy this time celebrating the arrival of Spring and new growth with delicious fresh treats and the warmth of friends and family. 

A Pea Easter