Magnetic Attraction

I have created a new Ferromagnetic ring for the supremely creative fashion designer Charlotte Booty.

                                                                                  Macramé work from Charlotte Booty

                                                                                  Macramé work from Charlotte Booty

 I wanted to make her a piece that would have unique properties, as her textile work pushes the boundaries to create three dimensional "fabrics". See more of her work here.


The beautiful patterns she creates in her macramé are by utilising materials in repetition such as cable ties, leather and chain. They seem to me to form naturally like iron filings in a magnetic field. The new Ferromagnetic ring is set with magnetic Haematite, I hope she enjoys using it to explore her surroundings, testing and picking up more found objects for her inspiration.

If you are interested in learning more about commissioning a unique piece, get in touch! Email me at and I'll be happy to answer your questions :)

Mellor/Booty Bag

I'm really enjoying collaborating with fashion designer Charlotte Booty at the moment. Her garments push the boundaries utilising unconventional embellishments but still really wearable through their carefully considered design and construction. The opportunity of creating pieces using her beautiful crochet skills has been a joy, and combined with my studies at the moment into Mesolithic hunter-gatherers has resulted in this bag which combines her intricate textiles with sturdy leather, metal jump rings, nuts & bolts and natural stone.

jade mellor charlotte booty crochet black bag collaboraton.JPG
jade mellor collaboration charlotte booty crochet bag.jpg

I have made it big enough to accommodate my big sculpture books (regular totes are frustratingly a tad to small) and a few other essentials for a modern hunter gatherer existence. I think I may eventually make several liners in different colours so I can change it as they will show through nicely in the open weave. 

jade mellor charlotte booty bag collaboration black leather.JPG