This one off statement piece of jewellery inspired by Molten Lava is now in my Online Shop

When making this ring I was imagining the hot liquid centre of the Earth and the swirling liquid rock that pours from volcanoes.

Pyrite means "0f Fire" and the glittering mineral was used in firearms for it's ability to make sparks to ignite gunpowder in a wheellock mechanism of a pistol developed in the 1500s. The Molten Lava ring commanded a huge specimen of pyrite for it's fiery origin. Fits most comfortably on a middle finger average size O-P.

This one-of-a-kind Molten Lava ring is now in my online shop as well as more new pieces featuring rugged metallic minerals as an alternative to the plastic glitter and tinsel covering everything at the moment.

Remember, pyrite is for life, not just for Christmas...