Dirt Pattern Material

Accidental patterns


Love this idea from Mair Wennel. Called "Dirt Pattern Material" the beautiful, random patterns on this cotton shirt are created with everyday household substances which often mark and ruin clothing. By purposefully layering up colourful splashes of these pigments they have created the perfect camouflage for a piece of clothing that can happily incorporate many new additional marks from accidental spillages from every day life.  



Many a slip 'twixt cup and lip.

Party On

Seashells Sanctuary

Shell shapes are amazing and varied. These beautiful calcareous sculptures are each a bespoke outfit for an individual soft bodied sea creature...

Damien Hirst,  "Forms Without Life"  1991

Damien Hirst, "Forms Without Life" 1991

Some new rings in methods inspired by the beautiful lumicella rock which contains prehistoric sea shells.

Joanne Stoker's shapely seashell shoe-styles appeal to me!

Keep an eye out for these new rings arriving in the SHOP! 

Kneon Magazine

Loved being part of the Dalston Tropics editorial for the latest Kneon Magazine! You can read the August Summer Supplement Issue here.

This piece is available  t o purchase from my  STUDIO SHOP  you can see more  HERE.

This piece is available to purchase from my STUDIO SHOP you can see more HERE.

Marbled Black & Pyrite Hewn Ring, have yours bespoke made with a unique mineral specimen email info@jademellor.com  for detail.

Marbled Black & Pyrite Hewn Ring, have yours bespoke made with a unique mineral specimen email info@jademellor.com  for detail.

Thanks to a great team for the beautiful images!

Art direction & Prop Design: Rebecca Rose Carey,

Photography: Natalia Salminen,

Stylist: Kelly Jordan

Hair & Makeup: Eliie Blackwell 

Models: Lena Marie @Profile Model Management & Illy Jay @Body London 



VOGUE MAGAZINE Island Strata Ring

SO overjoyed that my new Island Strata ring is featured in the December Issue of U.K Vogue! You can see it in the Wonder of Winter Christmas special, here's Kate Moss beautifully resplendent in white plumes on the December cover. Out now!

december vogue cover 2013 uk jade mellor.jpg
Jade Mellor Green Island Starta Ring Double Vogue.JPG


This piece is inspired by my studies into geology at Manchester Museum. I have been learning how the landscape has led to the discovery of the Earth's secrets, from finding fossils in the exposed layers of rock strata to the formation of rocks and minerals. Visualising how the landscape looked millions of years ago and how it has changed has led me to experiment with my own versions of these natural processes that build and shape the world we live in.

jade mellor Green Island Strata Double Ring Vogue.JPG

Available to purchase, along with other unique hand sculpted pieces directly from my studio shop HERE!

Mellor/Booty Bag

I'm really enjoying collaborating with fashion designer Charlotte Booty at the moment. Her garments push the boundaries utilising unconventional embellishments but still really wearable through their carefully considered design and construction. The opportunity of creating pieces using her beautiful crochet skills has been a joy, and combined with my studies at the moment into Mesolithic hunter-gatherers has resulted in this bag which combines her intricate textiles with sturdy leather, metal jump rings, nuts & bolts and natural stone.

jade mellor charlotte booty crochet black bag collaboraton.JPG
jade mellor collaboration charlotte booty crochet bag.jpg

I have made it big enough to accommodate my big sculpture books (regular totes are frustratingly a tad to small) and a few other essentials for a modern hunter gatherer existence. I think I may eventually make several liners in different colours so I can change it as they will show through nicely in the open weave. 

jade mellor charlotte booty bag collaboration black leather.JPG

Style Tag

Interior and fashion designer April Pride is the first to be snapped for Seattle Met's Style Tag.  A lover of mixing vintage family pieces and new designers, here she is wearing a gorgeous (slightly malachite-y?) green dress and a black & gold Hewn Bangle! Purchased from Seattle based online design store Craft & Culture.

april pride wearing jade mellor bangle seatle met mag.jpg
april pride close up bangles.jpg

You can read about the feature here at Seattle Met online and see the jewellery here at Craft & Culture

Jefforgina Editorial - Twill Magazine


Here's an exotic shoot featuring my Hewn Collection shot by the talented duo behind Jefforgina!

jade mellor rings bracelets jefforgina twill magazine.jpg
jade mellor twill magazine jewellery jefforgina.jpg

TWILL’s beauty aspires to cross many bound­aries. The utopian goal is that of giv­ing plea­sure to areas of the reader’s brain that are stim­u­lated by the beauty of seri­ous orig­i­nal points of view in fields as diverse as pol­i­tics, econ­omy, sci­ence, lit­er­a­ture, sex, pho­tog­ra­phy and art, some­times tak­ing shape as fash­ion. 

"We, at ‘Twill, have thus decided to reverse the golden rule of pub­lish­ing; instead of iden­ti­fy­ing a class of poten­tial cus­tomers on whom to foist a mag­a­zine, we have cre­ated a pub­li­ca­tion that defines ourselves."

The mag­a­zine is loosely divided into three sec­tions: seri­ous sub­jects, visual arts and our unique fotoro­manzi, an extrav­a­gantly lus­cious lit­er­ary retake on a clas­sic genre of Italian-French kitsch.

Based in Paris, ‘Twill is pub­lished by TWS Press France. But it is mis­lead­ing to place it in a spe­cific coun­try; ‘Twill is the result of a dis­trib­uted effort com­ing from Italy, Eng­land, France and the Amer­i­cas. A vir­tual edi­to­r­ial office, in essence, but this is what makes such new genre of mag­a­zine an inter­est­ing and dar­ing challenge.