Welcome back!

So, it’s been quite a while since my previous post on here! Not to say that there hasn’t been anything to write about, far from it! And I think that is often the problem, we’re so used to packing in so much “goodness” to be productive around our other commitments there is often never enough time to actually enjoy a quiet moment inbetween to enjoy the benefits and soak it all in. I have found instagram to be a good place to share pictures and what I love most is how it connects us, but again that is a fast paced snapshot rather than a place to indulge our thoughts and record our ideas. I am really looking forward to getting back into my “virtual sketchbook” here as a useful to tool to help me disect and digest the discoveries as I uncover them.

Thanks again for coming to visit, next time I won’t leave it so long.

Jade xxx

Life is like a pie…?

Life is like a pie…?

The Life of Pie

You know how much I love a food analogy (almost as much as I love food). Well here is a beautiful pie made by my family on a recent visit home. In making a special feast like this, they gather all the special ingredients (this was was mixed game), prepared them and cooked them, even hand made pastry using a recipe they have refined and developed. The finishing touch is the Holly decoration to tie in with the local tradition of Holly Holy Day (to remember a huge battle during the Civil War). After all this effort, it would be a crime to quickly grab a slice and scoff it down inbetween other tasks or whilst on the phone/computer.

To fully enjoy a piece of this amazing pie it will be best shared with our loved ones, eaten slowly to appreciate each tasty morsel which has come together with skill and science. Allowing the time to sit down in a comfy, cosy place we can then digest it properly to get all the benefits (and avoid indigestion!).

If we can do it with a pie, we really should do it with the rest of our creative life too!