Kneon Magazine

Loved being part of the Dalston Tropics editorial for the latest Kneon Magazine! You can read the August Summer Supplement Issue here.

This piece is available  t o purchase from my  STUDIO SHOP  you can see more  HERE.

This piece is available to purchase from my STUDIO SHOP you can see more HERE.

Marbled Black & Pyrite Hewn Ring, have yours bespoke made with a unique mineral specimen email  for detail.

Marbled Black & Pyrite Hewn Ring, have yours bespoke made with a unique mineral specimen email  for detail.

Thanks to a great team for the beautiful images!

Art direction & Prop Design: Rebecca Rose Carey,

Photography: Natalia Salminen,

Stylist: Kelly Jordan

Hair & Makeup: Eliie Blackwell 

Models: Lena Marie @Profile Model Management & Illy Jay @Body London 



Brittany Nelson: Science


These ambiguous shapes and fragmented textures are from Brittany Nelson and her use of the technique "Mordançage". It bleaches and lifts the emulsion from silver gelatin prints allowing it to be manipulated through the artist's hand. Based on bleaching and etching techniques first documented in 1897 by Paul Liesegang as a reversal process for film negatives, modern Mordançage was created by Jean-Pierre Sudre during the 1960s. There is a definite 60s feel to these graphic shapes and the psychedelic way they melt with merging colours belonging in another world of semi-consciousness.


Brittany's work is currently exhibiting at David Klein Gallery, Detroit Michigan.

Photos are from the artist's website:

Jefforgina Editorial - Twill Magazine


Here's an exotic shoot featuring my Hewn Collection shot by the talented duo behind Jefforgina!

jade mellor rings bracelets jefforgina twill magazine.jpg
jade mellor twill magazine jewellery jefforgina.jpg

TWILL’s beauty aspires to cross many bound­aries. The utopian goal is that of giv­ing plea­sure to areas of the reader’s brain that are stim­u­lated by the beauty of seri­ous orig­i­nal points of view in fields as diverse as pol­i­tics, econ­omy, sci­ence, lit­er­a­ture, sex, pho­tog­ra­phy and art, some­times tak­ing shape as fash­ion. 

"We, at ‘Twill, have thus decided to reverse the golden rule of pub­lish­ing; instead of iden­ti­fy­ing a class of poten­tial cus­tomers on whom to foist a mag­a­zine, we have cre­ated a pub­li­ca­tion that defines ourselves."

The mag­a­zine is loosely divided into three sec­tions: seri­ous sub­jects, visual arts and our unique fotoro­manzi, an extrav­a­gantly lus­cious lit­er­ary retake on a clas­sic genre of Italian-French kitsch.

Based in Paris, ‘Twill is pub­lished by TWS Press France. But it is mis­lead­ing to place it in a spe­cific coun­try; ‘Twill is the result of a dis­trib­uted effort com­ing from Italy, Eng­land, France and the Amer­i­cas. A vir­tual edi­to­r­ial office, in essence, but this is what makes such new genre of mag­a­zine an inter­est­ing and dar­ing challenge.