Simply Spoons

Uri Geller and me, messing up your cutlery drawer.

lovely dirty spoons jade mellor studio.JPG
row of spoons jade mellor studio.JPG

Spoons are very important in my work. Such a simple implement is the perfect tool to mix my pigments, powders and potions. The resulting caked on mess is a record of all the colours and textures I'm working with and I use the residue to match shades as samples of batches and weird objects in their own right. Then when I need a clean one I can smash off the hardened pigments revealing the shiny(ish) metal spoon underneath. I get a lot of use out of my spoons...

dirty spoons.JPG
jade mellor green spoon studio.JPG
jade mellor studio holding green spoon.JPG
Spoon in the spotlight

Spoon in the spotlight