VOGUE MAGAZINE Island Strata Ring

SO overjoyed that my new Island Strata ring is featured in the December Issue of U.K Vogue! You can see it in the Wonder of Winter Christmas special, here's Kate Moss beautifully resplendent in white plumes on the December cover. Out now!

december vogue cover 2013 uk jade mellor.jpg
Jade Mellor Green Island Starta Ring Double Vogue.JPG


This piece is inspired by my studies into geology at Manchester Museum. I have been learning how the landscape has led to the discovery of the Earth's secrets, from finding fossils in the exposed layers of rock strata to the formation of rocks and minerals. Visualising how the landscape looked millions of years ago and how it has changed has led me to experiment with my own versions of these natural processes that build and shape the world we live in.

jade mellor Green Island Strata Double Ring Vogue.JPG

Available to purchase, along with other unique hand sculpted pieces directly from my studio shop HERE!