Seeing Double

Happy New Year! Happy New Earrings!

These are limited editions I have created using real cut gemstones and minerals with sterling silver details. Once they're gone they're gone!

jade mellor red jasper earrings triangle arrowhead.JPG

Inspired by my studies into Neolithic culture at Manchester Museum these real red jasper earrings mimic the shape of an ancient arrowhead as an accessory for the elegant modern huntress. Suspended from sterling silver earring wires and chains in an oxidised finish. More details here.

jade mellor red jasper silver earrings arrowhead flint jewellery.JPG
jade mellor brown jasper eaarrings sterling silver arrowhead jewellery.JPG

This is a shorter version using beautiful marbled brown jasper, I love that the natural colours of the stone have given a unique red tipped point! Deadly!

jade mellor brown jasper arrowhead earrings silver jewellery.JPG

Details on these one off pieces can be found HERE.